Unified energy agents for smart grids


Details & backgrounds


Smart Grids are expected to play a key role within the energy transition. The latest advancements in the field are dominated by proprietary and incompatible solutions of different manufacturers, which are limited to the electricity grid. The research project Agent.HyGrid aims to develop and validate a universal approach for modelling and controlling arbitrary energetic conversion systems, taking into account all relevant energy carriers.

Agent.HyGrid is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in the context of the funding priority “En:SYS – systems analysis for energy research”.

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Multi-disciplinary consortium

Research & Application

The Agent.HyGrid research consortium consists of three passionate partners.

Besides the will to advance the energy transition, an explicitly interdisciplinary approach

will be followed for the first time in this area. Expert knowledge from the fields of computer science,

automation technology and electrical engineering is being combined and merged into a pragmatic solution.


Come on board

Why you should participate

The project Agent.HyGrid offers stakeholders from various disciplines the opportunity to get involved. Network operators are provided with a powerful tool for monitoring and controlling grid infrastructure. Energy suppliers are enabled to perform hybrid portfolio optimization by bridging the gaps between different energy carriers. Operators of industrial facilities are equipped with the means to visualize and optimize energy flows, independent of the actual energy carrier.

  • Discover

    visualize your energy flows

  • Local

    solve problems locally

  • Open Source

    develop your own algorithms

  • Short TTM

    customize pre-defined software agents

  • Performant

    resilient high-performance due to distributed execution

  • Secure

    enhanced security due to distributed data management

  • State-of-the-art

    founded on current research

  • Supported

    building a growing community

Unified energy agents for smart grids